Assessment can help promote healthy development.

Optimal functioning at any age is dependent on early detection of mental or cognitive problems. Neuropsychological assessment provides vital information on functioning in all major cognitive domains to identify whether someone is functioning to their full ability. If cognitive impairment is identified, testing can help identify underlying causes and most importantly inform treatment.

A test battery is only as good as the psychologist who interprets it and his/her ability to communicate the findings to you in a manner that you can understand and utilize.

Neuropsychological assessment is a battery of tests that evaluate an individual's cognitive ability. Testing is non-invasive and helps determine if someone is functioning to full capacity, or through illness or injury they are showing signs of impaired cognitive functioning. Neuropsychological assessment can identify learning problems and differentiate between normal aging versus pathology. If there is cognitive loss, the assessment can help determine the cause, inform prognosis, help inform treatment decisions, and Inform competency questions and concerns (determine if power of attorney or conservator is necessary).

We assess adolescents, adults and older adults (the assessment of older adults is commonly referred to as geriatric assessment). If you have concerns about a family member, or if you are a provider and have concerns about a patient who is demonstrating cognitive problems such as difficulties learning; changes in memory, personality or behavior; or failure to thrive contact us to make an appointment for an initial consultation.

The process for neuropsychological assessment begins with an initial consult with the patient and any significant other as appropriate. Our neuropsychologist, Dr. Vayalakkara, will evaluate your concerns in context of patient's history and determine if testing is warranted. If testing is warranted she will schedule the follow-up testing session at the end of the consult meeting. Assessment includes formal testing, record review (if records are furnished), and interview of the patient and when appropriate select caretakers/ family, formalized feedback session for patient and when appropriate caretaker(s), and a written report. The report clearly documents diagnosis, cognitive strengths and weaknesses related to activities of daily living, and specific treatment planning and level of care recommendations. 

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Dr. Vayalakkara is a licensed neuropsychologist and a certified Brain Injury Specialist, an expert in her field.

We will make sure that you have a clear understanding of the findings and practical interventions to support optimal functioning of the patient.

We are committed to teaching and supporting family members of patients experiencing cognitive issues to help them better understand and support the one they love.